About Nina

Finding Nina Vintage is a love note to all the things I've found that have brought me joy, and all the treasure hunts that have soothed my soul. To the stories I've pondered walking through aisles of forgotten objects, all the textures my hands have inspected and the boundless history that leaves me in awe when I need it most. 

Nina is my middle name, my grandma's name, and the name I think my father would have been most excited to see come to life through my passion. 

Our store is here to cultivate fierce expression and gentle acknowledgements

Vintage is more than clothing or style, it is an act of sincere acknowledgment of where we came from, where our clothes were made and their creators. Era's defined by multitudes of people who weren't afraid to be bold. That is what we aim to capture. As well as a deep acknowledgement of the Earth as we walk on it today. An outreach to those who bleed over clothing that is discarded in our modern world. Our responsibility to be responsible and act with intention and kindness for the things that give us our individuality and soul.

Aside from being a vintage store, our hope is to bring intention to the art of dressing. Clothing is how you show up in this world, for yourself. We think this should be celebrated, enunciated and considered. There will be no niche nor focus on fibres, colours or era. There will be delicate and daring and everything in between. My personal style has never really fit into any tangible shape, and I like it that way! It leaves the door open for any and all possibilities, which often make for the most exciting outfits. Getting dressed can be like an art form, and what I wish for more than anything is to inspire that mindset. We pledge to offer quality, unique vintage that carries a story, in the hopes of finding the next storyteller.


So, we welcome you with warm hearts and hope you find something here that lights a fire in you.

Love Finding Nina x